Senior Men

Brisbane Capital League

Newmarket will be competing in the Capital 2 League, firsts and reserves, for the 2018 season.

The teams will be coached by Ashley Hempstead and Ray Attard.

Ashley Hempstead is well known in Brisbane Football and has an excellent knowledge of club football.

Ray Attard is a past player that has now moved into the coaching role.

Both will be working hard to return the men’s teams to the higher divisions.

Training is on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7.30pm sharp.

Brisbane City League

Newmarket has 1 team in the City League 4.

This team is for players that want a more social team to play in.

More Information

For more information contact Senior Co-ordinator Jack Di Trapani, 0408 724 564,

Over 35s

Newmarket has 3 Men’s Over 35s teams Division 1,3 and 5 that comprise of players of varying skill and fitness.

Over 35s play modified rules, no slide tackles and unlimited interchange.

Training is 7.30 Tuesday nights.

Contact Paul Tatters, 0439 721 571,, for more information.

Senior Women

Newmarket has a proud history in Women’s Football.

At present there are no Women’s teams at Newmarket but is open to expressions of interest from teams that would like to utilise our fields.


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