Players who are likely to require the use of an asthma treatment medication during a game should have their names marked with an “A” on the match sheet to ensure that a referee does not refuse the use of such medication during a game. Players who require such medication must bring their own supply to all matches.


If a player is required to wear spectacles, please ensure that they have plastic lenses and that they are suitably restrained such that they cannot be dislodged during a game

Contact Lenses

If a player wears contact lenses, it is a wise precaution to take a spare set to games.


Both male and female players should be aware that a match referee is entitled to request that jewellery including chains, watches, bracelets and body piercing such as earrings, nose rings and eyebrow studs be removed prior to a player taking the field.


Players, at the referee’s discretion, may wear hats with soft brims.


Players are not permitted to play if they have casts on broken limbs. The referee has the final say on what medical supports are considered to be dangerous to players.


Players are encouraged to provide their own water bottle for every game and training session.

Personal Valuables

Please ensure all personal items especially valuables are kept within your sight and not left in the Clubhouse or dressing rooms. Whilst every effort will be made to locate missing items, the Club cannot take responsibility for any such loss.

Emergency Procedures

If a player is injured there is a First Aid Kit and ice available within the clubhouse. Please seek the assistance of a Club Official or Ground Official. If an ambulance is required please call ‘000’ and state your location as Newmarket Soccer Football Club, McCook Park, Badger Street, Newmarket..


Players are encouraged to supply their own sunscreen.